The Sun also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway

Ernest Hemingway, maintained there were only three sports: motor racing, mountain climbing and bullfighting; he had a go at bullfighting, and wrote about it, in The Sun also Rises and Death in the Afternoon.

These three sports sometimes offered death as an alternative to winning. All other sports were games. In this extract from his first book, The Sun also Rises, a waiter in a Pamplona café questions risking ones life for the fun, exhilaration and the sport of running with the bulls at the Fiesta de San Femín.
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Trujillo - The Old Town

The fiery sun hopped and skipped with the shimmer of the heat haze, as it prepared to set behind the Sierra de las Villuercas. Driving towards Trujillo a little faster as the early evening light was about to be lost, the searing heat and blinding light of the Iberian day were a distant memory - twilight and a summer squall followed close behind.

The oncoming westerly gave a melancholic feeling to the view, as Trujillo glinted against the thunderous skies, illuminated by the final rays of the sun, confirmation from above that it was indeed somewhere special. A moment of meteorological drama endorsing the town’s self-satisfaction as the home of Spain’s most famous conquistadors.Read more

Robledillo de Trujillo

Trujillo was the preferred location of one of the few property agents in Extremadura. He flew around the hills of the Sierra de Montanchez on a quad bike, wearing a woolen beanie.

He would charmingly say with a glint in his eye… Trujillo is the place I’d live if I had the choice, and although he took clients to adosados, casas, and palacios in Trujillo, more often than not they would go to the villages of the surrounding sierra, such as Arroyomolinos, Almoharin, Valdemorales, Torremocha, Ibahernando, and Robledillo de Trujillo, where together we viewed a house.

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