The Sun also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway

Ernest Hemingway, maintained there were only three sports: motor racing, mountain climbing and bullfighting; he had a go at bullfighting, and wrote about it, in The Sun also Rises and Death in the Afternoon.

These three sports sometimes offered death as an alternative to winning. All other sports were games. In this extract from his first book, The Sun also Rises, a waiter in a Pamplona café questions risking ones life for the fun, exhilaration and the sport of running with the bulls at the Fiesta de San Femín.
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Jan Morris has a witty, erudite style marked by lists of antithetical items, gently provocative statements and wry observations that readily slip off the page.

Reading this book again, after many years, I realise my current neighbours, the coritos, are like the Venetians… unerringly so. I say this with admiration in the way they mix a sense of concern about your business whilst subtly extracting an obligation from you for having done so. I think Jan Morris might have said they're not given to posturing artistry or impractical diversions; they're focused on the practicalities of life; they are the craftsmen class. In business they'll give you more than you might need but at a very fair price, such that it's hard to argue or haggle.Read more